Friday, August 14, 2015

Pretty in Plaid

There's virtually nothing I love more than the feeling of finding the most perfect gem at a thrift store, let alone finding two things:) The vast majority of items featured in this playful look I love were found tucked away in a thrift shop. I'm not huge on thrifting in general, however as an avid lover of all things retro, sometimes there's no better way to get an authentic look. One can only shop so long until a "60s-Styled" blouse and "80s inspired" shorts just start to feel tired... give me the real deal. Needless to say I was more than happy to romp around in my cute little plaid playsuit, and didn't hurt that it was less than $10!

I got this fun playsuit at the Goodwill right by my house #score

Texas + August = me and lots of refreshing drinks!

Photographed by Gabe Rivera (
Playsuit + Purse - Thrifted
Calvin Klein Sports Bra
Boots - H&M
Accessories - Thrifted (& from my mom)

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