Wednesday, October 21, 2015

feelin' good

     My style has the funniest tendency to reflect my mood…however I feel that day pretty much directly influences what I choose to put on. It must fit perfectly, and not only my body! so when I’m feeling absolutely vibrant, it’s safe to say I’ll be grabbing the brightest thing I can find in my closet. And that’s precisely what I did.

     As for the rest of my outfit, I was loosely inspired by a 70s look (currently my favorite time period in fashion). I chose a simple black shirt and my comfiest jeans in an effort not to distract from this totally bomb vest I recently purchased. My favorite part of an outfit is always the accessories — especially sunnies! — so I decided on my white “Willy Wonka” shades, as I like to call them. I love round frames and these are just so fun and whimsical; I love wearing to make a look a little more dramatic. I’ve also developed a new found love for mules and I absolutely can not stop wearing these black suede clogs (don’t know what took me so long to become a fan lol).

      I hope you guys enjoy this look! And maybe decide to rock a 70s inspired look yourself…get groovy kids.

(ps I totally want to make groovy a thing again, ok bye!)

(Photographed by Mecca Russell)
Printed Vest - Buffalo Exchange
Black Long-sleeved Tee - Uniqlo 
Jeans - BDG
Clogs - GoJane

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gender Benders

     It may sound like an overstatement to some to say that something like fashion has brought us a long way in society but I think that it is much harder to negate this claim than one would think. The fashion industry has been glamorizing androgyny and agender fashion for decades now, making it both more “acceptable” and coveted in mainstream society. This movement has allowed anyone who may not identify solely with one gender to freely express themselves through style, and to do so comfortably.

     Yet another societal norm has been thrown out the window, with the Fall ’15 campaign by the gloriously praised fashion house, Acne Studios. Creative director of Acne, Jonny Johanssen, decided to cast his 12 year old son, Frasse, as the face for his fall ad campaign. This information alone sounds far from groundbreaking, but when you add in the fact that his son is modeling clothing from the women’s collection (heels included), people start to talk. 

     These photos, taken by Vivianne Sassen, serve to provoke question about what are considered “normal” items clothing for a man or woman to wear, and to drive focus to the actual construction of the garment.

     "I've seen this new generation's attitude to fashion where the cut, the shape and the character of the garment is the crucial thing, rather then seeking approval from society or to follow set norms,” stated Jonny Johanssen in Women's Wear Daily

At the end of the day that's what it should all be about, the essence of the garment and the functional purpose it serves in every day life. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Why Afropunk Changed My Life...



If those are not just about the best words to live by, I don't know what are. This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to attend Afropunk Fest 2015 and I can honestly say that it was one of the most life-changing events I've ever been apart of. 

Afropunk is so much more than just some fashion show where people get dressed to show up and show out (don't get me wrong, every soul there was slaying my life)...I feel that the event often gets perceived that way due to the type of media and press coverage that it receives. Afropunk Fest is a bubbling hub of energetic people coming together to celebrate each and every aspect of African American culture.

As I walked around Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, I saw every color of human imaginable..there were people there from Korea, Detroit, Brazil, Chicago, California and just about everywhere else in between. I think seeing that is what resonated with me the most. The notion that "this is only a festival for black people" could not be any farther from the truth. This festival is set in place merely to focus on the appreciation of our culture as people of color, it doesn't matter what you may look like, as long as your intention is to spread love with your brothers and sisters... of any color.

After experiencing both days of this event, I felt that I had never experienced so much organic love from perfect strangers. I feel as though I had a complete resurgence in my self-confidence and realized how important it is to love and embrace everything about myself. To everyone reading this: know that you owe it to yourself to love YOU unconditionally. Everyone have a lovely weekenddd;)

Check out a few of my pics from Afropunk Fest '15

Yummy Vegan Chorizo Taco

thank you to the beauty who did my face paint 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Pretty in Plaid

There's virtually nothing I love more than the feeling of finding the most perfect gem at a thrift store, let alone finding two things:) The vast majority of items featured in this playful look I love were found tucked away in a thrift shop. I'm not huge on thrifting in general, however as an avid lover of all things retro, sometimes there's no better way to get an authentic look. One can only shop so long until a "60s-Styled" blouse and "80s inspired" shorts just start to feel tired... give me the real deal. Needless to say I was more than happy to romp around in my cute little plaid playsuit, and didn't hurt that it was less than $10!

I got this fun playsuit at the Goodwill right by my house #score

Texas + August = me and lots of refreshing drinks!

Photographed by Gabe Rivera (
Playsuit + Purse - Thrifted
Calvin Klein Sports Bra
Boots - H&M
Accessories - Thrifted (& from my mom)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Terrence Spectacle...

Future Pop Star (and master of extemporaneous verbal communications)

(Photo courtesy of:
     So I’m sipping on a latte at one of my favorite coffee shops in Dallas, Ascension Coffee. I’m enjoying the weather, scrolling through emails and the next thing I know, I see a bouncing head of curls appear just behind the glow of my laptop… “Terrence!” 

     My good friend and “future pop star” as stated by Noisey, is sitting down with me today to discuss the many different facets of his artistry and what makes him: Terrence Spectacle. Apart of The IRAS Music Company, Terrence Spectacle has found a way to unapologetically embrace his own individuality and bring an entirely different sound to the music scene in Dallas. And don’t think he’s stopping there.

     At the young age of 20, Terrence Spectacle has performed at countless shows, in several different states, both headlining and opening for other acts. He’s opened for Odd Future-affiliated band, The Internet, as well as rapper Big Sean, who shares his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Needless to say, when it comes to experience, Terrence Spectacle is anything but lacking. 

     If you were looking for another humdrum, repeat rapper, this is definitely NOT your guy. Spectacle, an incredibly dedicated musician, has been rapping in the public eye since the age of 15 and is far from run of the mill. “Before that I was a spoken word poet and that predates everything. I started playing saxophone when I was 10 but I don’t consider that a part of my artistry,” he says. (I’m telling you…he’s a real musician!)

     Spectacle recalls on the pivotal moment when he truly realized his talent as an artist. “Hmmm…I’d have to say summer of 2013, I did a featured guest verse on a friend of mine named KissedKilled’s song. The general reception of that one record pulled me to total  belief of my abilities. A lot of friends and strangers believed that I kind of pieced together the song. That alone was the needed push to know that maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.” Prior to that he kept all of his music to himself, allowing only a few close friends to hear any of his stuff.

     Spectacle attributes his musical influence completely to Michael Jackson. He reaches over to show me the lock screen on his phone, which is a photo of none other than the King of Pop himself. “You can’t deny the King his thrown. I was very much so raised on soul and R&B growing up. That kind of made me a funky kid; I was always very outspoken, at least when I was younger…” he says. The music he was raised on however did not limit his current taste in music to one particular genre. Spectacle cites local artists Kevin Abstract and band, Herrick and Hooley, as just a few of the artists he currently can’t stop listening to… along with John Mayer. He’s also a huge fan of artist, Thundercat, and constantly bumps his latest release, “Them Changes.”

     Although he's made it out of the awful teen years, Spectacle embraces his youthful exuberance and realizes the greatness in that energy. He jokes about his sudden blossoming as a teen and his theory of how most guys truly experience that awkward pubescent stage. 

     “I feel like as a guy, you're either a douchebag when you're a preteen, or you're just socially awkward and don’t get any girls," he says. "Then you get that weird growth spurt midway through high school and suddenly a lot of people like you. You just look up and go ‘Oh yeah, I’ve been like this the whole time!’ There’s literally no in between time…you go from self-doubt to self-worth, which are directly correlated.”

     With the faithful (and slightly crazed) fans that Spectacle has developed, it’s hard to imagine that he ever suffered from even the slightest dry spell in the ladies department. Of many artists that I’ve met, I have to say Terrence Spectacle has possibly the most genuine appreciation of his fans and supporters that I’ve ever seen. 

     “It’s usually just the fans that get me every time…their reception really dumbfounds me and I just smile,” when discussing his favorite part about performing. He added his recent show with artist, Super Duper Kyle, to his list of top performances when he found out that one fan drove from New Orleans to Dallas for the show. “I just thought that was so wild! She came up and gave me a big hug and all I could say was ‘Wooooooow!’” He counts his opening performances for The Internet, and Big Sean as the other top two shows on his list of favorite performances. 

     Spectacle recognizes that the majority of his character traits as an individual have helped him advance tremendously as an artist. He possesses a self-assurance that not only impresses, but intrigues most. “I’m very energetic, charismatic, inspiring to a lot of people, which is always surprising to me. A lot of people consider me to be very motivational. A large part of it comes down to me being eccentric, that’s just naturally how I am. When people tell me that, I honestly get confused because I just think I’m normal, I think I’m normal and everyone else is crazy,” he says. Spectacle calls this kind of energy, incongruity, which is taking what is expected and flipping it.

     Speaking of unexpected, Terrence Spectacle has adopted an eclectic and culturally inspired style that undoubtedly trumps your favorite rapper's "swag." Drastically different from his day to day uniform of white tees and denim, the rapper says he like to preserve his more high fashion gear for special events. 

     "I’m more of a functional dresser than a fashionable dresser," he says.

     That may be true for his everyday style, however, when it's time to put on a show Terrence Spectacle cleans up. He thinks of the most fashionable moment he's ever had and says, "Probably in 2014, the more I went out in traditional Chinese attire, people were just begging to have conversation with me."

     He speaks on one particular style that he's recently adopted, "My thing now is a lot of long-sleeved button-ups…with bolo ties, which I happen to have a large collection of!"

     Spectacle feels that his deep appreciation for other cultures stemmed from his home and up-bringing. "I was raised very multi-culturally, that was sort of my steelo, or “handle” if you will. I was the “multi-cultural genius” for quite some time. I guess it just comes from a rich ancestry, both of my parents are biracial," he says. That rich ancestry led Spectacle to garner inspiration from many cultures to form his artistic aesthetic.

      Spectacle answered perhaps the most trivial, and what I found to be the most entertaining question of the interview...his dream dinner party guests.

     "Dream dinner party guests? Hmmm...of course Michael Jackson, Oscar Wilde, Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, Theodore Roosevelt..." The last spot at the imaginary dinner was tied between Adolph Hitler and Genghis Khan when Spectacle made a drastic change, deciding that he had to have a "bae" at his dinner party. With that decision, his final dinner party guest ended up being comedian and actress, Rashida Jones.

     Spectacle laughs as he says, "I've named a lot of dead people on this list...but there's just not too many people alive that thrill me to the point where I feel like I have to meet them. But that's life, we always miss what we can't have."

     Keep up with Terrence Spectacle using the link to his website below. Also, check his music below & find his latest single Night Owl on Apple Music now!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Patrick B. Ware: and no, his name is not a threat

(Photo Courtesy of D Magazine) 

 Patrick B. Ware 
- manager of Traffic LA at The Joule
- former owner of Warehaus men’s boutique in West Village
- From Victoria, TX
- Lives in Dallas, TX

     I’ve finally escaped the glaring summer sun that slowly but surely caused me to question my decision to wear a blazer today. I’m sitting inside Traffic LA at The Joule Hotel, the “contemporary designer boutique” that is undeniably every fashion lovers dream store. Across from me is store manager and former menswear boutique owner, Patrick Ware, whom I’ve had the pleasure of calling a family friend since the age of 11. At very first glance, it might seem as though he and I are discussing some deeply important social crisis…however anyone close enough to hear our conversation would know we’re merely raving about Janet Jackson’s newly released single, “No Sleep.” For those who aren't aware, Patrick is what I like to call a Janet Jackson fanatic; his appreciation for her style and music runs way deep and if I were you, I would not come for the queen while he’s around.

     Before we get started, I also have to mention that during my time with Patrick not one, but two Janet Jackson songs came on the store radio. Coincidence… ehhh probz not. 

*cue music*

D: What originally sparked your interest in the fashion industry and pursuing a career in it?
P: Honestly, I didn’t care anything about fashion…I was playing basketball in college, and you know, being an athlete, that was all I really cared about. My last two years in college, in the 90s, preppy designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren became very popular…oh and L.L. Bean! Wow, that’s kind of scary. Anyways, after that I started modeling and getting into the club scene, it was sort of the era of Janet Jackson truly being Janet; the style was all baggy jeans and Sketchers, then she went with more of an Indian theme and I started really looking at the trendier side of fashion. I actually lucked into the retail world, though!

D: What was one of your very first jobs that had any relation to the fashion industry? 
P: *with a chuckle* Actually my first job in fashion was right after college at Natural Wonders, a nature store at NorthPark Mall. After that I worked at the only BeBe we had at the time here in Dallas at the Galleria. The district manager of BeBe actually came into Natural Wonders looking for something for her niece and nephew and asked “What are you doing working at this store?”  I told her that I was modeling but, you know, I needed money on a regular basis! So, one thing led to another and I worked for BeBe for a couple of years. Soon after, my friend opened up a store and it kind of went from there.

D: Of all the people and things that have influenced your style over the years, who or what do you think has influenced you the most?
P: You know what…I don’t like things too trendy because I like things simple, I like a uniform. But the people that really inspire me and I look at, not just because we look similar, are Seal and Sting…I love them both. I like them because it’s not about wearing every trend every time, they have their uniform and I like that, it inspires me.

D: When you made the decision to open your men’s boutique, Warehaus, what were some of your apprehensions; additionally what led to the closing of the store?
P: One of the main reasons I opened Warehaus is because when I was working for other stores, a lot of my clients kept telling me, “OPEN A STORE!” One of my friends jokingly said you should call it “Warehaus” because of my last name. I thought that was funny because, growing up people always wanted to come over to my family’s home and they would say “Oh, let’s go to the Ware house,” so that’s the reason that I called the store Warehaus. But, I also wanted people to feel comfortable coming into my “house” and, you know, you treat each person like that’s the last person you’re going to see that day. So that was the whole concept! (On the closing of Warehaus) Honestly, it was one of those things for me that was a dream, and I think it ran its course when it needed to. I needed to go through that to get to where I am now. When I found out that we had to close the doors, we really just wanted to leave the business honestly, without owing anyone or having a bad name. I feel that the two years was good and what we needed..I definitely think location played a part. I also noticed that in the Dallas market, consumers really want a name brand, where as I was trying to bring brands that no one else had. There’s a small percentage of people that really get that. Fortunately, I had two incredible business partners! Always find someone who’s the opposite of you, and you’ll have a great balance.

D: What is the most challenging aspect of your work here at Traffic?
P: One challenge of the store is getting people down here because they just get confused and turned around by downtown; also, they don’t understand some of the things we offer. For example, our customers can valet at the Joule Hotel and we’ll validate your ticket so it’s on us! Also just getting the name out there because in Dallas we’re still a baby, we’ve been around for about two and a half years, or so.

D: What quality do you possess as an individual in this industry that you feel is very beneficial to your craft?
P: I think one quality I reflect is that I do care about the customer. I’m not just trying to sell you something just because, I’m selling you an experience rather than just, “Here’s a shirt that looks good.” And that’s also just me as a person, I want people to enjoy my company.

D: Is there a timeless trend that you love and feel like you’ll never get sick of?
P: A tailored blazer! I’m liking the trend going on right now that women have actually been doing for years, the boyfriend jean…do they call it boyfriend jeans for boys? (Anyone please feel free to enlighten us) Anyways I’m liking the boyfriend jean with a nice tailored blazer. I’ve always loved a tailored jacket, it’s easy. And I love denim on denim…on denim on denim! *laughs* I know it’s been around forever but it’s one of the best looks.

D: What’s one popular trend right now that absolutely gets on your nerves?
P: Hmmmm…oh those studded shoes, I guess. It’s kind of been around for years but, yes those.

D: Dream dinner party guests?
P: Of course since we were on the topic…Janet Jackson! NeNe Leakes, Whoopi Goldberg, Sidney Poitier, Oprah, Barbara Walters, Hugh Jackman, and Solange Knowles…I find her to be very interesting! At first I didn’t like her, then I saw her at the House of Blues in Dallas and that’s when I truly fell for her. She’s a someone who can really sing, can really perform, and she’s her own person. 

D: What’s a big goal of yours that you still wish to accomplish in life?
P: I want to take a month off and travel! I’ve always worked and I’ve programed myself to where if I’m off for even a week, I get antsy. I feel like I just have to go back to work, and I’ve never taken the time to just take a break. I think that sounds so simple, but that’s one thing that I would tell anyone, younger or older than me, you have to take a break sometimes. You know, just to reboot…and I haven’t really rebooted since I was 18 years old. 

D: Please make that happen soon! You deserve it…Where would you go on your time off?
P: Tuscany! Without a doubt. I just want to go to a small village and go to a restaurant where I know the waiter, owner, and locals and just sit and have a conversation about life. That will happen… it has to happen.

Make sure to check out all of the dope buys at Traffic LA by clicking here... :) And if you live in the Dallas area, get yourself to the store like, asap.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flesh Toned

In my book, sneakers + a dress = an ultimate yes. I like to think that most rules in fashion are meant to be broken and I find myself more and more willing to try new things with my style. I decided to pair this flesh toned, body-con dress with my favorite sneakers. I'm obsessed with the versatile color way of my Reebok Classics, which is probably why I wear them with just about anything.

Also, anyone who knows me knows that I looooooove my turbans, I literally have ten different colors. These are great hair accessories if you're having a bad hair day, or even if you're not and just want to add a little drama to your look. You can usually find these at a hair and beauty supply shop for under $10.

Dress - Missguided
Jean Jacket - My Sister's
Sneakers - Reebok

Check out what songs I'm jammin to right now with my Spotify playlist "omg it's summer" :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

In the Lavender Haze

One of my absolute favorite things is an awesome pair of mom jeans. They're an easy way to make an outfit have a slightly retro touch without taking it overboard. I always like pairing mine with a colorful belt to avoid the boxy silhouette that baggier bottoms can sometimes I'm a fan of accentuating what few curves I do have!

I love very minimal jewelry; I normally wear the same two bracelets every day with one or two different pieces added depending on my outfit. The same goes for my necklace, which reads "peace." The only things I change dramatically are my rings...I have too many to choose from.

Blouse - Topshop at Nordstrom, Jeans - BDG

Photographed by: Olivia Williams