Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Walk in the Park

We've been blessed with some pretty great weather these past couple weeks here in D town! Although I do love the summer heat, I have to admit that I definitely welcomed the drop in temperature and warm breezes with open arms. I decided to take advantage of a beautiful afternoon with some photos in one of my favorite parks in downtown Dallas, Main Street Garden Park. I wanted to focus on this adorable sweatshirt that I purchased and completely forgot I even owned (perks of being a shopaholic). Usually, the whole bling-ed out look isn't part of my style, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! To top it off, I scored it for ten bucks at Buffalo Exchange...needless to say, I'm quite proud of my find. Hope you all enjoy this look and the photos!  Have a beautiful week, my friends -- blessings!

(Photos by: Gabe Rivera

Mercedes Benz Sweatshirt - Thrifted at Buffalo Exchange