Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sweet November

I have been waiting for the time of year when I can finally saunter around town in my favorite jacket again. I think of all the different types of outerwear, a classic trench coat has to be one of my absolute favorites. As an individual, I've always adored vibrant colors and loud prints; anything loud is right up my alley. Consequently, while I'm growing up and cultivating my continuously changing style, I enjoy incorporating much more subtle and relaxed colors into my daily wardrobe.

So it probably wasn't the best idea to run across a street with incoming least it made for a great picture!

These are also my favorite shoes ever...the "granny" tapestry print is just on the verge of being too dated for my preference, but the spikes add a fun, modern element to them! I'd wear them every day if I could.

Photos by Gabe Rivera (
Trench Coat - Sashimi
Crop Top - Topshop
White Jeans - Topshop at Nordstrom
Booties - TBA Shoes
Hat - Nasty Gal
Bag - H&M

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