Sunday, February 23, 2014

[ inside the brackets ]

This weekend I had the amazing honor of attending the debut trunk show of a blossoming lifestyle brand, [ insert ], also called 'inside the brackets.' The three words that come to mind when thinking of this brand: quality, exclusivity, individuality. 

The designer, Elzie, put so much thought behind each and every piece that was put out; this fact is proved by his 'one-garment a month' plan. Only one garment will be released each month to ensure the previously stated individuality of each garment. In speaking to Elzie, you see the deep passion and confidence that he has in his brand. He stated he feels that, "people often get cheated out of quality, even from brands who can afford to produce it." Elzie makes it clear to the world that he's bringing true craftsmanship and art into the world of fashion.

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